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Jason Bawden sitting in studio, with fender Strat guitar, black short blue jeans, short dark hair, blue eyes
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Welcome to Jason Bawden's musical outlet BAWDEN.
Since the age of 16, Jason has been immersed in the world of live performances and professional recording studios. His early memories of learning guitar on his uncle's
less-than-ideal instrument sparked a lifelong passion for music.

Guided by his older brother and supported by his uncle's generosity, Jason honed his skills
and laid the foundation for his musical career. Jason made the bold move from regional NSW to Sydney at the age of 18 to pursue his musical aspirations.


Drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences spanning the gamut of 80s hair metal,
Van Halen, Richie Kotzen, Santana, and countless guitar virtuosos, Jason's musical palette
knows no boundaries. Throughout his journey, he has been involved in various bands such as
aJay, Vonsonic, King Farook, and Angus James, leaving an indelible mark on the

Australian music scene.

Jason has achieved a lot so far in his career, playing supports shows with Aus rock icons Thirsy Merc and Superjesus. Achieved tens of thousands of streams online, multiple national TV sync placements and Radio play all over the globe.  

While the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic have been significant, they have
also re-affirmed Jason's unwavering passion for music. It has become clear to him that music
is a lifelong calling. With this realization, Jason has decided to rekindle his creative spirit and share his new music with the world after a well earned break away from the industry. 


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